Dynamic Youtube Player


Product Details:

The dynamic YouTube player will allow users to view videos hosted on YouTube without redirecting to a new page.

  • Query Loop Compatible

  • ACSS Ready

  • Core Framework Ready

  • Vanilla CSS Ready

Don't risk user's bouncing from your site because of an unneeded re-direct. Use the dynamic youtube player optimized for Bricks Builder

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Component Demo

This tool is set up to work with Youtube Videos. 

My Code Is Not Working??

Make sure you have selected the execute code button on the Code Element

How do I change the video?

  1. In the structure panel, go to the ul – li – video [attributes] element
  2. Go to the attributes in the style tab
  3. Change the attribute value to the YouTube Video ID

Warning – do not change the attribute name, only change the attribute value.

Where is the video ID?

In this url from YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnhvanMdx4s

the video ID is “wnhvanMdx4s”

My Video Library

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