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Unlock the power of Bricks Builder: master web development with short, easy-to-follow tutorials. Ideal for beginners and intermediate devs to build professional, scalable websites.

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  • What All Comes With My Purchase?

    The course comes with videos and a written guide for every module. You will also receive a zip file containing the complete training website that you can import and use on your own website or client sites. As a bonus, you will also get a second complete website and theme that you can use on unlimited websites.

    • The Course

      Each module will have a video guide that will explain exactly how to build each part of your Bricks site. Some modules will have a written guide where appropriate. As questions come up from students, each module will be updated with FAQs so everyone can learn the ins and outs of each module.

    • Custom Theme

      I have built a high-performing custom website and theme I am giving everyone as a thank you for purchasing the course. This template includes a single page tempalte,  blog post template, archive tempalte, home page, about us page, contact us page, and a team member single page and archive template!

    • Marketplace

      Custom templates, components tools, code snippets, and full site builds will be available on the marketplace. You can purchase the snippets, tools, and full website builds separately to fit your specific use cases. We have a “don’t pay for it if you don’t need it” mentality. This link will take you to the marketplace!

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    What You Will Learn From The Class

    Theme Building

    Bricks is a theme builder and a page builder. You will learn how to build themes FAST and customize individual pages EXACTLY how you want them.

    Class Based Design

    Bricks has an amazing class based styling interface that helps begginners build websites just like seasons verterans.

    Dynamic Data

    Dyanmic data means you let the WordPress database insert content for you. You don't have to worry about opening the builder and making changes when you use dynamic data.

    See The Class Outline!
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    Who Is this Course For?

    This course is for beginners that are new to Bricks Builder and intermediate users that want to learn how to get the most out of Bricks, the Bricks Child theme, and third-party tools that I use for my own agency.

    • Beginners

      If you have never even installed Bricks Builder, this course is for you! You will learn how to install, setup, and build a complete website from start to finish without purchasing any additional third party add-ons!

    • Intermediate Users

      Have you been using other builders or themes and want to learn how to implement your skill using Bricks? This course also covers more advanced techniques like installing the Bricks child theme and using the functions.php file to store custom snippets.

    • Add-on Users

      There are many excellent third party tools that help supercharge Bricks Builder. There will be modules covering Bricks Extras, Automatic CSS, Advanced Themer, Meta Box, Bricks Forge, and Frames!

    Enroll Now for $249

    Frequently asked questions

    If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. Just like I was taught in school, there are no bad questions. I am here to help you learn Bricks Builder and have fun doing it!

    Enroll Now for $249
    • I just enrolled, what are the next steps?

      Once you have enrolled, you will be automatically logged in. You must reset your password in order to login the next time.

      After logging in, you can start working through the modules however you would like. I recommend starting from the beginning!

    • How Does The Course Work?

      This course is built 100% with Bricks and Bricks Forge. There are no 3rd party LMS tools powering this class.

      You will be granted access to every module in the course. Each module will come with a short video that will explain the module concepts. Some modules will come with PDFs and other files that you can download.

      A Child theme will also be provided to you that will store CSS for fluid typography, fluid spacing, colors, and variables.

    • Is this Course For Beginners?

      This course is designed to take your web development to the next level. Anyone from beginners to intermediate web developers will find value in this course. If you are a beginner, you will be building websites faster than ever. If you want to explore advanced functionality like query loops and dynamic data, there are modules for that!

    • Do I Need To Know Code To Use Bricks And Take This Course?

      Absolutely not! Bricks Builder can be used by anyone. If you know a little code, great! If you hate writing CSS and want to do it all with the builder, you can!

    What You Will Learn From The Class

    Introduction And Builder Setup

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    Module 1 Lesson 1: Setup WordPress

    This module will setup WordPress with pages and menus. We will use the items we setup in WordPress throughout the course. Its important to setup WordPress correctly so Bricks can work dynamically, saving you time!

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    Module 2 Lesson 2: Install Bricks Builder

    A detailed video and PDF explaining how to install Bricks Builder. Remember, Bricks is a theme, not a plugin! So don't try to install the Bricks theme as a plugin :)

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    Module 3 Lesson 3: Configure Bricks Settings

    Bricks has an extensive settings page in the Admin Dashboard. We will cover the basic settings that I use on all site I build with Bricks.

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    Module 4 Lesson 4: Global Styles, Colors, Fonts, and Spacing Variables

    We will walk through the global styles and I'll show you how to supercharge your website to use fluid typography and spacing, and how to use variables defined in the child theme.

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    Theme Building And Template Parts

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    Module 1 Template Overview

    Bricks is a powerful theme builder AND a visual page builder. Bricks template types and template conditions give you complete control to style your website exactly how you want. In this group of lessons, we learn about every template type and how to build an easy to manage theme.

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    Module 2 Header Template

    The header template is used to design and control the header the is displayed at the very top of your website. The header template can be shown on all pages, only certain pages, or turned off completely. We cover the header template in detail and explore the powerful show/hide header on scroll functionality.

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    Module 3 Footer Template

    The footer template is used to output the footer design after the main content of your page. In this module, we cover how to build a footer and what you should include in a website footer. Just like the header template, you can control where the footer is displayed or hide it completely from the front end.

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    Module 4 Single Page Template

    The single page template can be used to output a specific design for all of your WordPress pages. You can design the template however you want and output the WordPress content right in the template. This allows your clients to edit the page content without ever touching the builder.

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    Module 5 Single Post Template

    The single post template is used to design and display data from WordPress posts. You will learn how to create a blog post template that uses dynamic data to output information from the database. This not only saves time when publishing new content, but you can control exactly what data you want to display on the post!

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    Module 6 Archive Templates

    The archive template is used to display your collection of blog posts, custom post types, categories, and tags. In this module, you will learn how to use the query loop display content for your blog post archive and how to set up conditions to use this template with various archive types.

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    Module 7 Section Template

    The section template can be used to create reusable content that you can place anywhere on your website. You can output section templates inside the WordPress editor or inside anything built with Bricks Builder.

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    Module 8 Popup Template

    The popup template is used when you want to show content based on user interactions. You will learn about opening a popup by clicking a button, when the user shows exit intent, and based on a certain time after page load.

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    Single Page Complete Builds

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    Module 1 Homepage

    The home page is the most important page on your website. That is exactly why I choose Bricks to build my homepage. It has the flexibility to design anything you can imagine. In this module, we will cover how to build a homepage that user and your clients will love.

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    Module 2 Contact Us

    The contact us page should let the user know the best way to get in touch with you or your staff. We will build a contact form that is easy for user to access so you can start capturing leads on day 1.

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    Module 3 About Us

    The about us page stores information about your business. This page can be used to showcase your mission statement, office locations, and business hours.

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    Module 4 Team Member

    The individual team member page is great for SEO and to build trust with your users. Use the team member page to showcase your team's qualifications and why potential customers should trust your website.

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    Module 5 Meet The Team

    The meet the team page is an archive that will show all of your team members in a list view. We will build a design that will showcase the team an link back to the individual team member bio page.

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    Bricks Technology

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    Module 1 Global Classes

    Global classes are what makes Bricks so powerful. Use global classes to control styling of any element that has that class applied. Why open up every webpage to make a simple style change when you can use global classes. Simply change the style in one place and be done!

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    Module 2 Dynamic Data

    Dynamic data uses the power of the WordPress database to output hard coded information inside your Bricks templates. This like the page title, author, or published date should not be typed in manually. Use dynamic data to "set it and forget it!"

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    Module 3 Conditions

    Conditions allow you to control when or who can see certain content. If you are building a site where users can login, you can use the user logged in condition to display information only once a user has logged in. Another example could be to only show certain information on your home page and not your blog archive page. With conditions, you have complete control of the who what where any why information is displayed.

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    Module 4 Query Loop

    If you are reading this description, you are seeing the query loop in action! Each one of these module and descriptions is being output based on a query loop. It is very easy to set up and I'll teach you everything you need to know to get started with loops! The query loop is time saving tool inside Bricks that helps you build a design and then apply it based on parameters you set up in the query loop builder.

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    Module 5 Forms

    Bricks comes with a built in form element where you can capture information from website visitors. We cover how to set up the form and explore saving form submissions to the database.

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    Module 6 Child Theme

    Bricks has child theme that is used for adding code snippets and CSS to customize the design and functionality of the website without altering the parent theme's core files. In this module, we cover when and why you may want to use a child theme and provide some useful snippets to get you started extending the Bricks theme.

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    Module 7 Bricks SEO Tools

    Bricks lets you improve your website's visibility in search results without needing extra plugins. You can change URL links, titles of posts and pages, and add important keywords and descriptions directly in the site builder. We cover all the SEO tools that comes with Bricks Builder in this course.

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