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Product Details:

This template is made of a popup to store the form and a trigger that will display the popup and its contents.

This is a great template for users that want to add a fixed "chat bubble" style element that will popup a contact us form.

Users can change the content of the popup to anything you can dream up!

  • CSS

  • ACSS

  • Core Framework

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Step 1. In the Popup Form Template, set display conditions where you would like this template to apply. If you want the popup to display on your whole website, select “Entire Website” in the template display conditions. You can also define the popup to load on custom post types or individual pages. 

Step 2. Add the Popup Form Trigger Template to the structure panel of any page or template you want to see it on your website. You can add it to an individual page, such as your home page, or to a template like your pages/posts template. 

WARNING: do not set a display condition on the trigger template…that will break your site. This is a component that is made to be placed inside another template or singular page.

Drop Us A Note

Drop Us A Note

Drop Us A Note

Drop Us A Note

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